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A wonderful Island, full of astonishing flavors, unique tastes and multi-millennia essences: the Sardinia by Key Essence is a delightful story to be discovered day by day. Would you like to discover it with ourselves? Reading our blog is like making a journey throughout our Island, its hidden secrets and treasures.

Here you will have the possibility to meet the amazing recipes prepared by the multi-award winning and internationally renowned Chef Sergio Mei: awesome and innovative dishes to share with your dears at home. Step by step, based on the instructions of the Master of Cuisine, you will turn your table into a painting full of colors, shapes and flavors, adding the most prized element: just a few drops of our healthy cooking oils.

This will be also the perfect place to enter the Key Essence Universe to discover all the health benefits of our products: a professional nutritionist will introduce to you all the properties of the essences we work to produce our food products.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy these delights, find out our Island and experience Sardinia like never before!

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