Privacy Notice pursuant to sec. 13, Legislative Decree n. 196/2003
NOTICE AND CONSENT PURSUANT TO SECTION 13, Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter also “ITALIAN PRIVACY CODE”).

Pursuant to section 13, Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, Key Essence is pleased to inform you that your personal data (hereinafter also the “Data”) provided through this website will be processed and stored either by electronic means or without electronic means in compliance with the Italian Privacy Code.
The Data may be processed for the following: (a) accounting and tax purposes, (b) sales orders management purposes, (d) statistic purposes, (d) sales and marketing purposes. The data processing for the purposes sub (a) and (b) does not require the consent by the interested person as strictly necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from the purchases or to address the other obligations set forth by law and regulation or by European Union requirements. The data processing for the purposes sub (c) and (d) is instead voluntary and therefore in case of your refusal they will not be stored in our databases. Please be informed that according to section 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, hereinafter reported, you have a number of rights you can exercise in connection with the processing of your data.
The Data Controller of the processing of Data collected through the website (hereinafter also the “Website” is Key Essence Srl, VAT code IT03620660922, with registered offices in via Speranza 8, Santadi (CA). In case you do not inform us differently, we consider granted to Key Essence Srl (hereinafter also “Key Essence”), the consent to the processing of your data for the purposes reported above.

Personal data processed by the data controller and processing purposes
Data collected from the Website visits
To enable the access, display and visit to the pages of the Website, the information systems and procedures of the Website collect some data from the User that are technically and necessarily transmitted through the use of communications protocols in use on the Internet.

The following data are included within this category: IP addresses or domain names of the personal computers or other devices used by the Users of the Website, request time, method, total amount of data which is received, the response code reporting the result provided by the server (success, error, etc.) and further settings regarding operating system and platform of the User’s device.

The abovementioned Data will be processed in compliance with the provisions set forth by section 123 of the Privacy Code and therefore, once not more required for the electronic communication, they shall be erased or made anonymous according to the timing reported in the following, in order to enable the processing of the statistics on Website usage and to oversee its effectiveness. These Data will be retained for the timing strictly required in achieving the following purposes and will be erased once those objectives are achieved.

These Data will be processed only to enhance the Website’s browsing, to process the statistics analyses over the use of the Website and to track any possible unlawful activities with possible damages to the Website.

Data provided on a voluntary basis by the User
The User may provide his/her personal data on a voluntary basis through the Purchase procedure of the Products on sale on the Website and/or through the transmission of e-mails to the e-mail addresses reported on the Websites pages and/or through other possible contact forms. The Data Controller or its delegated persons will process the provided data to carry out the Purchase Orders and any other obligations arising from the purchase, and/or to address the requests, and/or for the other purposes abovementioned.

The Website uses Cookies, a text file that a website can send to the User’s browser which may then be stored on his/her Users’ computer and/or other devices that identifies the latter and improves the Website navigation.

Cookies do not collect data which enable to personally identify the Users. In any way Key Essence collects through the use of cookies personal data of the Website User, except for those data provided directly and on a voluntary basis by the same Users.
The following types of Cookies are used by Key Essence on the Website:

Temporary Cookies: also called “Session Cookies” as they are stored only during the browsing session. Once the User closes the browser, these Cookies are not retained and are automatically erased. They enhance the performance and security of the navigation of the Website and do not require a particular authorisation by the User.

Examples of Temporary Cookies: autocomplete function on data provided by the User in filling out the forms on the Website (so called user input cookies), identification of the User after his/her log-in to the Website (so called authentication cookies).

Persistent Cookies: Cookies sent by the Website to the hard drive of the personal computer or other device of the User during the Website navigation, they remain also after the browser is closed and the browsing session is terminated. The use of these Cookies requires the formal informed consent by the User (pursuant to section 122, 1° sub-paragraph of the Privacy Code) which is asked by Key Essence once the User accesses to the Website (through a banner or logo with a link to this Notice) and the User grants by continuing to browse the Website and/or letting the browser to accept these Cookies. The cookies are used to improve the experience of our Users on the Website, also increasing the navigation speed.

The following data are collected: URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)-based addresses of the requested resources, timing, total amount of data which is received, the response code reporting the result provided by the server (success, error, etc.) and further settings regarding operating system and platform of the User’s device.

What Cookies are?
Cookies are small text files sent by the website to your personal computer or device you use to surf the web. These files are stored on your personal computer or device for a specified period.

Cookies are used to make the browsing easier on the Website by the User and to improve the experience with it. Furthermore they are used to collect, in an aggregate and anonymous way, for statistical analysis the data over the use of the Website by the Users in order to improve on a continuous basis the same Website based on the users’ past experiences.

What type of Cookies do we use?

Technical Cookies
These cookies are strictly required to enable you to access the Website correctly and let the Users to use the Website easier, by recording (for example) some of the actions carried out on the Website.

This type of Cookies includes, particularly, the navigation or session cookies, the analytics cookies (to collect in an aggregate and anonymous way the data from the navigation by the Users on the Website) or the functionality cookies (e.g. language choice, products added to the bag).

These type of Cookies do not enable to personally identify the User and for that reason do not require your explicit consent.

Profiling Cookies
These cookies are used to propose contents more consistent with your interests and preferences. The majority of these cookies are used by our company to reduce the commercial banners displaying (once you have already seen them) and to help us in analysing the performance of the promotional campaigns we carry out on our Website.

Some of these Cookies are stored directly by Key Essence, while others are sent and stored by Third Parties and required, in any case, your consent.

Hereinafter you can find the links to the Privacy Information provided by Third Parties and therefore you might give your consent to these Cookies.

Please be aware that if you do not decide anything but continue with browsing our Website, you are providing to us with your consent to the use of the Cookies.

Anyway you may disable any of these Cookies thanks to your browser settings. If you disable them, some functions of the Website may be unavailable to you or may not work properly.
How can you disable the cookies?
You can find the instructions based on your browser at:

Of course the Cookies should be disabled on any devices you use (e.g. smartphone or tablet).

How personal data are processed
Personal data will be collected and processed through electronic means and in any case electronically.

Personal data will be stored on servers where the Website software is physically installed; these servers are located at the operations of a third party that will be appointed as Data Processor.

Personal data will be processed lawfully and fairly, exclusively for the purposes abovementioned within this Notice.

Persona data, recorded in different ways, will be protected from theft or alteration by adopting proper security measures in storing and managing the data.

How personal data are collected and the consequences in case they are not provided
Except for the personal data provided on a voluntary basis by the User, the personal data regarding the navigation of the Website by the Users is optional; to avoid the collection of such data, the User should use specific software available on the Internet that enable to browse the Internet anonymously.

In case these data are not provided, the purposes of statistical analyses over the Website use and of monitoring and tracking any possible unlawful activities with damages to the Website, may be not achieved.

The User may disable the Cookies by setting his/her browser to hinder from receiving such data. If Cookies are disabled the proper and full use of the Website will be hindered, including the Purchasing procedure.

Personal Data Communication
Personal Data from the Website browsing may be communicated, according to the strict requirements arising from pursuing the abovementioned purposes or for the reasons summarised hereinafter, to the following third parties:

Webmaster (the person responsible for maintaining and implementing the software and the information systems supporting the Website) – the communication of the personal data to the Webmaster will take place only for Website management, maintenance and implementation requirements.

Public Entities and/or Police Agencies that apply for personal data in the cases provided for by the law.
The Data Controller will appoint the external parties that are receiving the Personal Data, as mentioned above, as Personal Data Processors, except for the Public Entities and/or Police Agencies that will apply for such data in the cases provided for by the law. If required, these Public Entities and/or Police Agencies will have to report to the Data Controller the System Administrators.

Data provided by the User on a voluntary basis will not communicated to any external parties in respect of the Data Controller, except for its providers of logistics, payments, ERP/software, financials and tax consulting, etc. services strictly required to fulfil the obligations arising from the Purchase Agreements towards the same User and/or to address any other arising obligations according to the applicable law requirements.

Persons who may access to the Personal Data

Personal Data processed by the Data Controller may be accessed by the following Persons, only and strictly based on their duties and the engagements they have received as Data Processor or Persons in charge of data processing:

Legal Representative of the Data Controller
Staff of the Data Controller
External Parties abovementioned and natural persons that work for them

All these Persons both natural and legal will process the Personal Data only within the limits strictly required to carry out the services requested by the User and they will protect the confidentiality in compliance with the applicable law.

Personal Data Diffusion
Data Controller states that Personal Data will be never subject to diffusion.

Rights of the Data Owner
According to the sections 7-10 of the Privacy Code, reported hereinafter, the Data Owner may enter in contact with Key Essence to exercise the following rights:

  • obtain confirmation from the Data Controller of the existence of his/her personal data and the access to them in an intelligible way;
  • know the source of the personal data, of the purposes and the processing methods of the processing and the references of the Data Controller and other persons to whom the data can be communicated;
  • obtain the updating, rectification, integration of the personal data, the erasure, the anonymization or the ban from any further processing of the data that have been processed not in compliance with the law requirements;
  • object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data.


The User shall exercise all the above mentioned rights by sending out an e-mail to the following address: