Our healthy Oils give a distinctive touch to your dishes by sprinkling over just a few drops, letting you try and share with your loved ones a key to longevity from Sardinia. These oils are the result of the endless love for our Island and its unique native essences rich of natural actives: many of them are wild, common and spontaneously grown at Pantaleo, the heart (39°05'31.2"N 8°48'09.8"E) of the largest Mediterranean organic reserve. To protect and increase the diffusion of rare plants, like the native Helichrysum, our partner farmers, with organic agriculture practices, take care of the selected and richest species for our products.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art cold-extraction technology, we entirely and eco-sustainably produce in Sardinia all our vegetable oils, both pure and infused, ensuring they contain the full load of their natural properties as well as the most essential part of these plants: the Key Essence of Sardinia.

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