Key Essence

Key Essence: landscape of Sardinia

Key Essence is a manufacturing company well-established in Santadi (Sardinia - Italy) with the following key features:

  • state-of-the-art cold-extraction technology with no use of solvents;
  • environmentally sustainable manufacturing process;
  • highly trained technicians;
  • fresh, selected and absolutely local raw materials;
  • certified organic farming partners.

Key Essence is a young company based on a multi-millennial history. Our knowledge and practices come from the origins of Sardinia.

All our customers – like a large multinational company looking for novel ingredients, or the starred Chef who gives a unique touch to some of his impressive dishes, or anyone else who just wants to discover and share the healthy essences of Sardinia – find in all our products the outcome of the same love towards our Island and its unique essences.

Like the plants we take care, our management has always proudly kept their roots in Sardinia while developing huge experience at multinational companies in Italy and abroad.