Key Context

Key essence context

We are located beside the heart of the largest Mediterranean organic reserve where true and wild Sardinia still survives: Pantaleo (39°05'31.2"N 8°48'09.8"E), Santadi, Sardinia, Italy.

Santadi and nearby areas are known for world’s most prized wines, but also high-quality producers of olive oil, bread, artichokes, honey, cheese and further treasures made for centuries with the same amazing passion. It is no surprise that here (Su Benatzu – Santadi ) nature’s treasures have always been admired and venerated, with findings of Lentisk, Myrtle and Grape seeds dated approximately 3.500 BP, during the giant civilization which was able to build up to 10.000 nur-ak  (megalithic towers commonly called “Nuraghe”).

Sardinia is a great Island, only partially known for its stunning coastline and most popular tourist attractions (Costa Smeralda, San Teodoro, Chia, Villasimius, Alghero, Santa Teresa, Stintino , Costa Rei and so on). The inland and wilder coastline are still today to be fully discovered, as are the native plants, full of healthy properties, that are a key to longevity of the Sardinian people. And from here the mission of Key Essence begins.