Myrtle Berries

Ingredients Myrtle

Our operations are based at the edge of the largest organic reserve in the Mediterranean where true and wild Sardinia still survives: Pantaleo - Santadi, 39°05’31.2”N 8°48’09.8”E. In this beautiful place we have the fortune of being able to hand-pick carefully the darkest and ripest berries of this healthy native plant which is the most popular plant of Sardinia. Myrtle berries and leaves are processed gently and immediately cold-extracted, preserving the entire load of health benefits of all our Myrtle products.

In contrast to our manufacturing practices, Myrtle berries and leaves extracts are usually obtained through a quite long extraction (30-40 days) or by distillation, in this way compromising the majority of the active properties and of course the final product’s quality.