Lentisk Berries

Ingredients Lentisk

We are based right outside the largest organic reserve in the Mediterranean (Pantaleo, 39°05’31.2”N 8°48’09.8”E) where we can directly hand-pick the darkest and ripest berries of this healthy native plant which goes back to the origins of Sardinia:  it is no surprise that here (Su Benatzu – Santadi) traces have been found that point to the use of Lentisk berries up to 3.500 BP! Lentisk berries are picked daily and cold-pressed within 24 hours, with no solvents at all, preserving the full load of the healthy properties of our Lentisk Oil as well as its best quality.

In contrast to our manufacturing practices, the traditional fixed oil from Lentisk berries is obtained by boiling for a long time the extract of the berries, which significantly compromises the majority of its active properties and of course its final quality.