Amber Lentisk Oil

Amber Lentisk Oil is a new Lentisk oil obtained from the darkest and ripest berries we handpick with great care from Pantaleo, the heart (39°05'31.2"N 8°48'09.8"E) of the largest Mediterranean organic reserve. Its unique amber color and well-rounded flavor are the result of our innovative extraction process with no use of any solvents. The resulting oil is outstanding and packed with the full range of its natural properties (Vitamin E and Omega 6 and 9). Its balanced herbal taste is distinctive and pairs nicely with salads, soups or grilled vegetables.

100% VegetablePure OrganicZero-ChemicalsEco-Sustainable

Ingredients Pistacia lentiscus fruit oil 100%
Net Weights 50 ml e | 1.69 fl. oz


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