Myrtle Fregula

The Myrtle of Sardinia is the key essence of this 100% Sardinian Durum Wheat Semolina Fregula. From the multi-millennia Sardinian heritage of Wheat-based products, Fregula is one of the most renowned and appreciated symbols and pasta. We handpick and cold-process the Myrtle berries and leaves to produce in Santadi (Island of Sardinia) the key ingredients of this amazing and unique Artisanal Myrtle Fregula.

Once cooked, add just a few drops of our Myrtle Oil – provided on an 8 ml packet within the package – to enjoy the unmistakable and stunning taste of Sardinia.

100% VegetarianInfusedZero-ChemicalsEco-Sustainable

Ingredients Durum Wheat semolina, Myrtus communis berry and leaf flour (15%), water. Olea europaea fruit oil 99%, Myrtus communis leaf and berries extract 1%
Net Weights 400 g e | 14.11 oz.


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